Reopening of JTM Dance

Your Safety is our Priority!!

To ensure the safety of all students & staff we have set out rules which must be followed at all times. All COVID-19 Documentation should be revised and completed before attending / booking a class.  We will continue to update and review all policies regarding COVID-19 to ensure all JTM members safety.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Complete Waiver Form

Before Booking Online!

The COVID-19 Waiver Form must be completed before booking a class. If not completed entry to class may be refused onsite.

Washing Hands

Clean Your Hands 

Products will be provided!

Please use the hand sanitiser or wash your hands fully before entering each JTM Social / Private session.

Urban Planning

One Way System

Will be mapped out for you!

Please use the one way system which has been put in place to ensure smooth & safe class cross over.

Only card Payments to be Accepted

Unless Discussed with teacher before class!